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Everybody Says I’m fine...

Had seen this movie a long time back where Rehaan Engineer played a hairdresser who could read people’s thoughts while cutting their hair. I had found it brilliant, especially since I do find a haircut to be my most stress relieving experience. When the scissors snip through those tresses, it feels that they are doing away with those unwanted, unnecessary baggage of thoughts.

To most people I know, the salon is a place where women go and splurge hard earned money. Haven’t you heard someone comment “You spent 1000 bucks on a facial, what’s the difference?” While that is a really mean comment, I know a lot of women who have been subjected to it sometime or the other. Of course, these days gold facials are the ‘in thing’ at men’s salons too, but we’ll let them be for now. The point here is that the salon for women is much more than a beautifying experience. It gives us a sense of royalty, individuality, community and of course the most obvious, relaxation.
The salon experience is desig…